Cool Down With a Delicious Vanilla Pear Cocktail

We officially found a recipe for the perfect summer cocktail. If you ever feel like you need a glass of cold awesomeness, you need to try this vanilla pear cocktail. It’s fruity, sweet, and very simple to make. The recipe below is meant for one serving. Just follow the simple steps, and this drink will become your favorite thing to have after a long working week.


To prepare the vanilla pear cocktail you need to get 2 tablespoons white rum, 1/2 medium pear, 1 teaspoon clementine juice, 1-1/4 cups tonic water, clementine zest, 1 tablespoon honey, few drops vanilla extract, fresh thyme, and ice. The pear should be peeled and chopped.


Start by filling a mixing glass with the pear pieces. Grab a muddler and start muddling the fruit to get the juice out. Pour the liquid into the cocktail glass you chose.

You can now pour the rum, honey, clementine juice and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix everything together. When you’re done, top it off with ice, then add the tonic water. Mix again and your vanilla pear cocktail is almost done.

All you have left is to decorate it. Use the fresh thyme and clementine zest to make it look pretty.