Create a Mini Garden In Your Home With This Gorgeous Blooming Table

If you have a strange feeling that you’re always running out of places where you can keep your plants, know that most plant lovers are having the same problem. That is exactly the reason why BloomingTables designed a perfect table that can also be used to house your plants. 

This beautiful modern table is very functional as it can also be used as a gorgeous mini garden in your home. The table has a glass top, so you can admire your beautiful floral arrangements beneath it. Blooming tables can save you a lot of space, but they’ll also bring a lot of elegance into your home.

“There are an abundance of stunning species of plants, and countless ways to create arrangements. However, there are limited options for the housing of indoor plants,” the creators wrote on Kickstarter. “BloomingTables was born out of the idea that beautiful plants deserve beautiful homes. We have created a product that has brought character and joy into our home, and we want to share this experience with others.”

We have a feeling that these innovative tables that bloom will become a major home decor trend in the near future, so hurry up to get one of those for your home.