Create Natural Looking Freckles in 6 Easy Steps

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

There was a time when girls did everything they could to hide the freckles on their face with makeup, but today it’s considered cute to have them — even if you have to draw them on.

If you want to try out this adorable trend, here’s how to achieve the naturally freckled look in six easy steps.

Step 1: Apply Makeup

Do your makeup as you normally would. The freckles will be added at the end.

Step 2: Use Setting Spray

To avoid your freckles sliding away, set your makeup with a setting spray.

Step 3: Prepare Brown Eyeshadow

Use a spoolie — that’s the brow wand that looks like a mascara wand — to scrape off some brown eyeshadow from the pan. Use a matte dark brown shadow and scrape off just a little bit of it.

Step 4: Apply Freckles

Transfer the scraped shadow on a small brush then “sprinkle” it around your nose and cheeks. Use your fingers to flick the brush as needed. 

Step 5: Draw On More Freckles

Add additional freckles and enhance the natural ones you have with a dark brown pencil. Don’t worry about your freckles looking too dark right now.

Step 6: Lighten the Freckles with Foundation

Tap a small amount of foundation over the drawn-on freckles to lighten them and help them merge with your skin and you’re done!