“Curtain Bangs” is the Low-Maintenance Style of the Summer

Low-maintenance hair is the way to go when it comes to summer style. Summer is about kicking back and letting go, so hair that holds you back from running into the sea with your friends is not the one.

Luckily, low-maintenance hair doesn’t equate to a lack of style. With curtain bangs, you can nail that oh-so-chic boho look without having to worry about your hair getting messed up. In fact, a bit of summer breeze does wonders for the look.

Here are the celebs rocking curtain bangs this summer.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift splits her parting straight down the middle and is nailing the boho low-maintenance vibe with this wind-swept look.

Suki Waterhouse

Not sure whether or not you want to commit to a full fringe? Go for a tussled half-fringe like Suki Waterhouse.


Florence Welch

Florence of Florence + The Machine is the picture definition of boho and is an unofficial ambassador for curtain bangs.


Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst looks lovely with natural waves and curtain bangs.