Depresso Café is a Coffee Shop in Dubai That Fights That Morning Blues

Image via depressocafe/Instagram

More and more tourists visit Dubai every year which is why the locals try hard to offer fun things for tourists. One of our current favorites is the Depresso Café, a place where you can go to get rid of “morning depression”.

A cup of coffee is a popular way to start the day, and Depresso Café found a way to make it more fun. Their takeout coffee comes in cups that have cute and funny quotes written on them. Some of them are, “No coffee? Ugh, so depresso,” “#1 Bae,” “I’m depresso without my espresso,” etc.

Aside from coffee, they offer plenty of breakfast options. You can have creamy yogurt cereal, pancakes, donuts, and other delicious treats.

Their biggest selling point is a beautiful interior and details that are perfect for people who like to take Instagram photos and let’s be honest, everyone is an Instagram person when in Dubai.