Did You Clean Out Your Makeup Recently?

Photo by Manu Camargo on Unsplash

We know there are many makeup-related topics you’d rather read about, but this one is really important.

We own more makeup than ever and it’s only natural to forget when we bought what. But you should pay attention to expiration dates and clean out your cosmetic bag (or vanity table, or bathroom shelf) regularly if you don’t want to experience the effects of not-so-fresh products.

Since makeup manufacturers in the U.S. aren’t required by law to provide expiration dates (so many don’t), your best orientation is the shelf life of a product. This means that it’s not okay to still use that lipstick from five years ago, and it’s definitely not okay to use that mascara you opened last year, used a couple of times and then forgot about it.

When to Toss Out Makeup Products?

Depending on the category, the rules may be more or less strict. Mascaras have the shortest lifespan and it’s recommended to get a new one after 3-4 months. Creamy products can be good for about a year, while lipsticks may last you up to 2 years, depending on their formula.

Powder products aren’t a great environment for bacteria so they can last longer than that, but you should really consider getting new ones after 2 years.

Sometimes, you’ll notice changes in products before their shelf life expires, so just use common sense here and stop putting them on your face. Any change in texture, smell, or color is not a good sign.