Does Meal Prep Actually Save You Money?

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

Meal prep has been huge for the last few years, and people swear by it. But, is all the hype true? If you’re considering starting meal prepping, here’s what you need to know first.

Pantry Items

One way that meal prep can start to cost you more than you’d like is if you’re buying a lot of pantry items and not using them again. If a recipe calls for fish sauce but you know you’re not going to use it again, think twice before spending your cash. Or, try to find more recipes so that the next week you can actually put it to good use.


Buying in bulk will really save you money if you want to meal prep. Things like grains and dried legumes don’t go bad for a long time, so instead of buying things just when you need them if you have them always you can cut down your weekly costs.

Sticking To It

If you meal prep for 5 days worth of lunches and decide one day to go out instead, you have to options: one, don’t waste the food and eat it for dinner instead. Or two, resist temptation and stick with the meal prepped food you have so you don’t waste it and more of your money.