Don’t Have Room for a Home Office? Here’s How to Transition Any Space

This year many of us have been working from home and going into 2021, we expect this to continue. If you don’t have a designated room for an office, you can transform any space into a work area. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Choose Chic and Affordable Pieces

Your home office should be stylish and inviting like the rest of your house. To get chic pieces, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and you can get great staples at Ikea. Finishing touches like table lamps, upholstered chairs, and plants can make your space more appealing.

Small Space Solutions

Leather trays with handles can keep all of your essentials in one spot while looking neat and organized. Look for ones with hidden pouches to keep your pens available at all times. Other great store solutions are hanger file boxes, which will give you easy access to all your important documents.

Transform a Closet or Kitchen Nook into a Command Station

When you can’t designate an area for an office, you can always find a small kitchen nook or closet to place a slim desk. For storage, hang a magnetic knife bar to secure metal clips, a metal pencil tin, and spiral notebooks.