Easy Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

If you dread the thought of working out on a daily basis and you can’t find the motivation to do it, maybe there is a way you can change that. What if we told you there is a simple way you can watch your favorite Netflix TV show and exercise at the same time? Check out these simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your couch.

Boat Pose

Boat pose is one of the basic yoga exercises that’s easy to do while sitting on your couch and watching TV. Just lift your feet off the ground, bend your knees, and try to do this for 30 seconds. This exercise is great for your spine, straightening your abdominals and hip flexors.

Russian Twist

Russian twists are amazing for strengthening your core, obliques, and spine and you can easily do them while sitting on your couch. Use weights, bottled water, or other heavy objects you can find in your home to add pressure if the basic version is too easy for you.

Couch Dips

If you want to target your triceps, chest, and shoulders, do at least 10 couch dips in between commercial breaks. It’s not an easy exercise, but it’s great for improving your strength.

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Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are amazing because they help you activate multiple muscle groups and burn fat. Make sure to do a variation of this exercise while sitting on the edge of your couch and you’ll definitely see the results very soon.