Easy Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash

You’ve probably realized by now that travel is not very friendly to the environment. If you want to go green and make your trips more sustainable, here are a few easy tricks you can do to help the environment.

Save energy

Make sure to unplug everything in your home before you go away in order to reduce energy consumption and save money. Do this in your hotel as well – turn off the lights, air-conditioning and other devices you don’t need.

Travel by train

The best thing you can do for the environment is to not fly and that way you’ll reduce CO2-emissions. Trains are a much more sustainable mode of transportation and it’s also very fast and comfortable.

Use public transportation

Most cities in Europe have fantastic public transportation so make sure you’re taking advantage of it, instead of renting a car for example. If you want to go sightseeing, rent a bike or join one of many interesting walking tours in the city.

Bring eco-friendly products

People tend to use a lot of single-use products while they’re traveling and this creates a lot of unnecessary waste. For example, bring your own shower products, instead of using hotel complimentary toiletries, bring your own bag and reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic.