“Encanto” Dance Workouts Are Taking YouTube By Storm

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Encanto | Official Trailer" via Walt Disney Animation Studios/YouTube

Dance workouts inspired by Disney movies are a huge hit on YouTube, and fitness influencers can’t wait for a new movie to come out to shower us with new workout videos. Encanto has proven to be a great source of inspiration, and here are the three best workouts inspired by its catchy soundtrack.


From “Family Madrigal” and “Surface Pressure” to “What Else Can I Do” and “Colombia Mi Encanto”, this workout will have you burning some major calories to Encanto’s biggest hits. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was excluded because it doesn’t have enough beats per minute to get your heart rate up, but that doesn’t make this workout any less epic.

Sharona’s Hill

Sharona’s Hill shared her own Encanto workout before the rest of the fitness gurus hopped on this trend. You can only find three songs in her YouTube video, but she prepared an extended 28-minute version on Patreon—“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” included!

Grow with Jo

Grow with Jo is one of YouTube’s most positive and offbeat fitness channels, so it was just a matter of time before they shared an Encanto workout. This dance cardio workout covered a lot of ground when it comes to the song choice, and included all the biggest hits, from “Bruno” to “Surface Pressure”.