Find Your Perfect College Routine with This Guide

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Whether you’re starting a new year at college or this is your first year, everyone needs help finding a routine that benefits them and their lifestyle. Make sure you tick all the boxes this semester with this helpful guide!


Your class schedule isn’t something you can change too much, except for the occasional drop and swap at the beginning of the semester. However, once you’ve figured out your exact class schedule, see the gap times and use that as a starting point for your routine.

Self Care

In college, it can difficult to find enough time to make sure you’re taking care of your mind and body. Check out the fitness classes your college offers and set a goal to do at least one a week! And, even if though it’s tempting to watch Netflix until the wee hours of the night, take 1-2 nights and go to bed as early as you can.

Make To-Do Lists

Once you’re in a lot of classes and you have all sorts of essays and exams to figure out, making to-do lists really comes in handy. Even though it seems obvious, making daily, weekly, and even monthly to-do lists gives you a sense of organization and accomplishment.