Follow These Instagramers For a Daily Dose of Inspiration

Scrolling through our Instagram feed has become a big part of our daily routine and we can’t ignore the feeling that this time can be put to great use. If we already spend so much time on this platform, we better use it to spark our creativity and imagination. Here are some of the accounts you can follow for a dose of daily inspiration.


Carolyn Borlenghi says we need to exercise our creativity, just like we exercise our body. That’s why she’s creating super interesting and inspiring content to help people get in touch with their creative side.


Sometimes inspiration is sitting right in front of us and the only thing we have to do is to observe. Jonathan Lo found inspiration in everyday objects that surround him and he’s creating amazing content with it.


Artist Safwat Saleem has challenged himself to create something every morning or evening, without worrying about the quality of his drawings. He’s trying to remind us that we need only a few minutes every day to be creative and make something new.


Angie and her daughter Mayhem started creating dresses out of paper which eventually became their obsession. This super creative duo attracted more than 360 thousand followers on Instagram and they’re so fun to watch!