Four Myths About Gluten

Most of us had no idea what gluten was a few years ago and here we are today, trying to avoid it at all cost. But what is gluten exactly and is it really so harmful?

Turns out, only 1% of the world’s population suffers from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that’s triggered by gluten. But the word has spread that gluten is also bad for the rest of us. These are some common myths about it.

There’s More Gluten in Wheat Today

Even though it’s tempting to blame the giant companies for everything, including gluten levels in our wheat, this is not exactly true.

It’s Complicated to Avoid Gluten

Not really. Well, you’ll have to stay away from wheat bread, but many foods don’t have any gluten in them including meats, vegetables, fruits, fish, milk, nuts, herbs, oils, etc.

You Can Lose Weight by Eliminating Gluten

You’ll lose weight if you eat less calories than you need, and specific eating habits have nothing to do with that.

You’ll Have More Energy If You Eliminate Gluten

No studies have found that there’s a link between the gluten-free diet and having more energy. The best you can hope for is a placebo effect.