“Game Of Thrones” Hairstyles We Absolutely Loved

Photo by mauRÍCIO santos on Unsplash

Game Of Thrones wouldn’t be the biggest television show in history if it weren’t for the astonishing costumes and perfect hairstyles. Every one of the fierce ladies in Westeros has a unique hairstyle that match their personalities and it wasn’t easy choosing the best ones. These are the ones we absolutely fell in love with.

Cersei’s Badass Short Hair

In season 5, Cersei was arrested by the Sparrows and that’s when her beautiful gold hair was cut short. This looked like a horrible idea at first, but eventually we realized how powerful this haircut is. Not to mention it perfectly suits Cersei and her character.

Natural Afro

Missandei is one of the most beautiful ladies in the show and her natural curly hair is her trademark! Taking care of curly hair is not easy, but our favorite Thornes character certainly inspired many women to love their natural curls.

Platinum Hair With Braids

Platinum hair is a huge trend right now thanks to pop stars like Lady Gaga and Sia, but the Mother of Dragons has an inspiring hairstyle as well. Stunning grey hair will certainly get you noticed, especially if you add a few braids like Daenerys.