Gum is For More Than Just Chewing

Gum is something you keep in your purse in case you do not have the best breath, but did you know you can actually use it for so much more than that? If you are in a bind, gum might just be the answer!


Though it is definitely not a permanent fix, you can absolutely use gum as a way to keep your broken glasses just intact enough until you can get them repaired. Just put a really small piece of already chewed gum in the corner of the lens and it should stay pretty well for a short while.


If you love using terracotta planting pots but accidentally got a crack in one, you can use gum to repair it! Just chew it for a good long while, and then spread it over the crack in the pot and it will be good as new.


Believe it or not, gum can actually help you if you have heartburn! At least if you are using mint gum. The peppermint in the gum will help you digest better, and since gum helps you produce more saliva, that will also help you get through a period of heartburn discomfort.