Handwoven Turkish Textiles Will Look Great in Your Home

Photo by julian mora on Unsplash

Textiles and cloth can come from everywhere in the world but Turkey, the 6th largest supplier of clothing textiles in the world, is where you should get your Cloth from.

According to the World Trade Organization in 2016, Turkey has about 4.06% knitted textiles and 2.73% woven textiles. Turkey has a great advantage since its close to neighboring European countries. Since their customers are usually in Europe, they work extra hard to produce the best technologies to create quality textiles.

The Clashing Colors Work

Even though the textiles are often times different patterns and consist of different lines and stripes: they somehow come together in multicolored unison.

Spruce up Your Bathroom

Handwoven Turkish textiles look great everywhere! Even sitting on a chair in your bathroom, they make the perfect decoration to add a pop of color to a monochrome bathroom.

They Go Well With Anything

The beauty of Turkish textiles is they complement any material – be it a wooden chair or a marble floor. The layers of textures come together and give a cozy feeling to almost any kind of interior.