Here’s How To Host Your Own Bridgerton Tea Party

tea party
Photo by Lidiya Pavlikova on Unsplash

Even if you don’t watch Bridgerton, it would be hard to miss the hype which has surrounded the release of the third season of the modern take on a Regency period drama. With the release of the season has come a whole host of Bridgerton-inspired trends, and the most fun has got to be the Bridgerton tea party. What better excuse to get everyone together and eat some delicious treats in the sunshine? If you’re planning on hosting your own, here are some tips in terms of decor and snacks.

Matching China Tea Sets

If you’re going to host a Bridgerton-inspired party, you need to make sure you have some stunning matching tea sets so that your guests can sip their drinks from some Regency-worthy cups.

Floral Arrangements

Part of the fun of a Bridgerton inspired tea party is having the opportunity to go all-out when it comes to decor and table spreads. Flowers are a great choice, being both historically appropriate and naturally beautiful. Opt for some gorgeous peonies and roses in shades of cream and pink to lean into the Regency trend.

Light Bites

A tea party is not about an abundance of food—you’re not whipping up a feast. Focus on two or three simple light bites, such as cucumber sandwiches, canapés and cupcakes, so that your guests can enjoy some delicious flavors without feeling over-full.