Here’s How You Can Protect Your Fragile Travel Souvenirs

Photo by Damian Piasek on Unsplash

You know that feeling when you spend a fortune on travel souvenirs for your friends and family, only to find some of them broken once you open your suitcase? Every traveler faced this disaster at least once, but you no longer have to if you embrace these three useful tips.

Just Add Paper

Wrapping your precious mugs, snow globes and fridge magnets in the paper is the most convenient way to protect them, because you can get it anywhere at low cost – or no cost at all.

Bubble Trouble

Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to protecting fragile souvenirs. Always ask local vendors if they can give you some, and if that’s not the case consider buying it at a stationery store or bringing some from home.

Clothes to the Rescue

Most of us remember to pack at the very last minute when we no longer have time to methodically protect our souvenirs. If you ever find yourself at the point where you’re running out of time, you can always stash your souvenirs by wrapping them in your clothes and hope for the best.