Here’s Why Ripe Bananas Are Good for You

Ripe bananas that have formed dark spots on their peel are actually healthier than those “perfect” yellow ones. They have several proven benefits for which you shouldn’t avoid them but look forward to eating them.

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DO YOU EAT RIPE BANANAS? 🍌🍌🍌 Bananas are wonderful – not just because they taste delicious and are very useful for so many dishes, but also because they contain some very important nutrients that can improve your overall health. Most people often look at bananas and think “ew, it’s far too ripe” which is a shame because bananas just turn ripe when they get these little spots and unripe bananas don’t have the same benefits! I‘m not talking about mushy bananas with black parts all over 😁 they are just great when they turn dark-yellow with these little freckles! 😋 By eating them green or unripe you get a constipation, which is not the case with ripe ones – you could eat tons of them and your digestion gets even better! 😊🍌🍌🍌🍌 WHY? These little brown spots indicate how much starch has been converted to sugar! Ultimately, the greater number of brown spots a banana has, the more sugar and healthy nutrients it contains. The starch in green bananas can make you feel gassy or bloated and are really hard to digest. – Ripe bananas are not only healthier and better to digest, they are also great for baking, because they replace the part of an egg, hold the dough together and make it soft and moist, at the same time they sweeten it naturally. Ripe bananas are also wonderful for oatmeal and if you freeze them, you can create the best ice cream out of them or also make your smoothie super creamy and sweet! – How do you like your bananas? 😊🍌🐒

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They Are Sweeter

If you have an urge to eat something sweet, a ripe banana will do the trick. Also, they are perfect for making banana bread or oatmeal banana pancakes.

They Are Full of Antioxidants

As bananas ripen their antioxidant levels increase so for the best antioxidant effect, pick a fully brown banana.

They Give You Energy

Unlike a sugar-packed dessert, a ripe banana will give you energy that will last for some time after eating it.

What About Unripe Bananas?

They are definitely healthy too, they just have different benefits. For example, unripe bananas have higher levels of starch compared to sugar so they are a better choice for diabetics.