Here’s Why the Digits on a Scale Shouldn’t Define You

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

Many people track their fitness progress by using a scale, but this shouldn’t be the only tool for determining your success. Stepping on a scale can lead to bitter disappointment, and if you often find yourself feeling this way, here’s why you should ditch it altogether.

Illusion of Progress

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting better since it can be a sign of certain health issues. It’s also important to remember that some of the fitness programs that can do wonders for your body won’t lead to weight loss since you’ll end up building muscle mess in the process.

Weight Fluctuations

The number you see on a scale is determined by many factors, some of them completely out of your control. Hormone levels, foods, and liquids you consume, and vitamin deficiencies can all lead to weight fluctuations.

Unhealthy Obsession

At the end of the day, stepping on a scale won’t hurt you one bit if you don’t let those digits define you. One the other hand, if you find yourself constantly beating yourself up for not reaching a certain number, it’s time to ditch the scale and focus on finding a fitness routine that brings you joy, since that’s more than enough.