Here’s Why You Don’t Feel Hungry After an Intense Workout

Following an intense workout, the last thing on your mind is usually eating. You’re not alone as decreased appetite after exercising is common and most workouts cause suppressed hunger. Why does this happen and should you eat after your workout?

There are many reasons why you don’t feel hungry after an intense workout including high body temperature and hormones. While exercising, your body temperature increases and to avoid overheating, your body uses its energy on cooling, occupying the receptors that signal hunger.

In addition, some high-impact exercises like running cause a lot of movement in your stomach which can lead to you feeling nauseous and having less of a desire to eat. While you’re exercising, your blood volume and flow are diverted from the gut to bring more oxygen to your muscles, slowing digestion, making you feel full.

Even though you may not feel hungry after your workout, it’s important to get the proper nutrition to ensure muscle protein synthesis. If you don’t get the right nutrients, you’ll feel tired and it can negatively impact your next training. So the takeaway is even if you’re not hungry, it’s important to eat something.