How to Explore the World When Travel is Out of the Equation

Many people put a pause on their travel plans in the face of global health crises, but there are still many ways to explore the world from home. Here are five activities that will make you feel like you’re back on the road.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are experiencing a huge boom right now and you can use them to explore some of the world’s most beautiful tourist attractions and top museums before visiting them.

Daydreaming and Planning

You can also keep your sense of wanderlust alive by looking back at all the amazing memories you made during your past travels and planning where you want to go next.

Watch and Learn

You can discover dozens of new places to add to your bucket list by watching travel-themed shows and documentaries.

Reading Time

Books are another great source of travel inspiration and you can use them to discover all there is to know about your dream destinations before getting to see them in person.

Cooking Experiments

If you enjoy passing your time in quarantine by learning new recipes, try cooking one of the traditional dishes you enjoyed eating abroad.