How to Get Over Seasonal Stress

Photo by on Unsplash

The seasonal change is more than just a change in the weather. As summer comes to an end, there are no more warm long nights and carefree days on the beach. The summer vacation is behind us and the next one seems so far away. It’s time to get back to the routine and focus on work and other things that make up daily life. It can get overwhelming, especially if you postponed a lot of things in an attempt to make the most out of the summer.

While colder days and rainy weather affect our mood and even health, so does the stress that comes with sudden changes. All this lowers endorphins, hormones responsible for feeling happy. 

If you’re struggling with this season, keep in mind that it will go away sooner than you think. If you can, plan a city break over a weekend. When you’re not going anywhere, invite friends over for board games or some other indoor fun. Add some tasty food and you’ll quickly forget what’s been troubling you about fall and winter.

Try wearing more bright colors on a daily basis. Eat healthier and include some exercise whenever you can; this will all affect how you’re feeling and thinking.