How to Get the Nicest Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools at the Cheapest Prices

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Although it might seem strange for some people, buying second-hand kitchen tools isn’t that weird. It’s also much better for the environment and your pocket, and if you’re really worried about germs, just sanitize them well before using!

But if you are in the market for new kitchen gear, look to second-hand places first.

Where to Find Them

There are so many places to find amazing quality and brand-name kitchen tools and other gadgets. You can look at online market places, or go to garage sales, even charity shops.

The most important thing to look for if you’re buying an electric appliance is to plug it in, even if it’s at a store, and make sure it works. But if it does, go for it!

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Fun wall of vintage kitchen tools!

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Obviously, when you’re buying something used like this you’re going to pay a fraction of the original cost. Somethings like Dutch ovens can cost you well over $200, if not more, so you’re always going to get a great deal by buying second hand.


Buying second hand is almost always the eco-friendly way to go, and for the purpose of kitchen gadgets, it definitely is. When you buy something that already exists, you’re eliminating the transport, packaging, and more waste and pollution that comes with it.