How To Prevent Dry Skin In Winter

Taking proper care of our skin during winter can be a real challenge, as it tends to dry out more quickly and can become red and itchy. These tips will help you prevent this condition.


It’s a well-known fact that exercising is great for our skin and it gives it that healthy glow. Even though it’s harder to be active during summer, make sure to exercise at least half an hour every day.

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Exfoliate Naturally

Our skin cells are constantly dying and being replaced by new ones, so it’s important to exfoliate on a regular basis in order to scrub dead skin cells. Instead of buying those expensive face masks, try to use a natural exfoliant such as oatmeal and keep your skin healthy. 

Avoid Hot Water

We know there’s nothing better than a hot bath on these cold winter days. You should know, though, that hot water is not your friend because it’ll dehydrate your skin and hair even more.

Use a Humidifier

With an indoor heating system running constantly during winter, the moisture levels in our apartments will drop. Dry air will dry out your skin and make it rough, but this can easily be fixed with a humidifier. This device emits water into the air and keeps your skin and hair moist.