How To Set Yourself Up for an Amazing Birthday

Birthdays can sometimes be the best day of the year for some people, or the worst. Whether you’re someone who loves to celebrate their birthday for a whole week or can’t wait for the day to be over, there is a good balance in between both of these extremes. If you’re planning a birthday for yourself soon, here are some tips to consider.

Foster Happiness

The point of a birthday is to celebrate life! This can foster scary and exciting thoughts, but try to stay on the positive side and fill yourself with happiness that you are alive. To achieve this, try to do at least one thing during the day that you love and makes you happy. Whether that’s having a mini dance party, taking an art class, cooking, or more, do what makes you happy.


Take a few moments to reflect back on the year. Think of the things that made you feel proud of yourself, and try to think of some goals you want to set for yourself this year.  


A lot of people rely on others on their birthdays because they think it’s the one day everyone should be showering them in love. This can be a set up for disappointment, and you shouldn’t measure how much you are loved based on one day. Instead, think about all the times your friends and family showed their love for you in their own way.