How to Stay in Touch and Have Fun With Your Friends in Quarantine

One of the most difficult parts of social distancing is that you don’t get to hang out with your friends as often as you’d like. Not seeing each other shouldn’t stop you from having fun together and here’s a couple of fun activities you should take into consideration.

Movie Night

Going to the movies with your besties is out of the question with so many theaters closed down, but Netflix Party extension allows you to synchronize your screens and chat while watching movies.

Virtual Dinner

You’re probably video chatting with your friends on a regular basis, so why not take your chats to the next level by dressing up and having a virtual dinner party together.

Reading Buddies

Everyone has more time for reading nowadays and you can start a virtual book club with your buddies by picking the same novel and discussing it together in a video call.

Playing Games

If you’re missing game nights with your friends, you can recreate that feeling by finding online games that you can all play together.