How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

We’re in the first week of the new year and with a new year, many of us made resolutions. The reality of New Year’s resolutions is that come the end of January, most people give up on them or completely forget they made them. So, how can you make sure you don’t become one of these people and that you stick to your resolutions this year?

Set Smaller Goals

Perhaps the biggest reason that people don’t stick with their goals is that they set ones that are unrealistic. Instead of starting small like running one mile, three times a week, people tend to set big goals like running a marathon. Once you accomplish smaller goals, you can move on to bigger ones.

Make a Plan

After you think of your goal, come up with a step-by-step plan for achieving it. Try and integrate your goal into your routine so you can stick to it.

Have Faith

Instead of thinking that you can’t do it, start reframing your mindset with a more positive outlook. Believing you can do something makes it so much easier to reach your goal.

Find a Support System

It’s always easier to stick to resolutions when you have a friend, family, or online support group with similar goals. Get yourself an accountability partner who can encourage you to reach your goals.