How to Store Your Favorite Pots and Pans

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Whether you have a small kitchen, not a lot of cabinet space, or just a lot of kitchenware, finding space for your pots and pans can be difficult. Luckily, there are some really easy DIY solutions that don’t involve a lot of tools and are very cost effective!


A pegboard is a fantastic storage tool because it’s inexpensive, you can hang a lot of items from it, and it looks great all the while! You can get whatever color you want and a fun trick to know where to put your pants every time is to outline them in chalk, so you know you’ll always have enough room for everything.

Towel Bar

Another super easy to install item is a towel bar! You can get them at any home decor store, and all you have to do is add hooks and you can hang whatever pots and pans you love most.

Kitchen Cart

If you have a little bit of space, adding a kitchen cart to your kitchen is a great investment for storage and counter space. You can put all your pots and pans on the shelves below, and then use the top for extra counter space!