How to Style Jewelry to Fit the Maximalism Trend

Photo by Alvaro O'Donnell on Unsplash

The world of jewelry is enormous. There are so many kinds of jewelry to decorate various parts of the body and an endless variety of styles and designs. There are also different options for how to wear jewelry. Some people prefer a simple, elegant look, while others may opt for a large statement piece. A style choice that is popular is the idea of maximalism jewelry, which refers to wearing loads of jewelry at once. If this is something you’re keen to try but are unsure how to pull it off, then here are some tips. 

Choose Varying Lengths of Necklaces

While it may seem simple to just put multiple necklaces on, this will only work well if they are chosen carefully in order to achieve a stylish layered look. An easy way to do this is by choosing necklaces with different lengths so that they sit nicely on top of each other and don’t get in each other’s way. 

Attach Items to Hoop Earrings

If you have multiple piercings in your ears, then it’s easy to place lots of earrings next to each other. A fun way to take this further is to add accessories to your earrings. You can find small clip-on attachments in jewelry stores, or simply hook a safety pin through for a punky look. This tip is ideal if you only have a few piercings to make them look more extravagant.