Improve Your Workout With a Piece of Dark Chocolate

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

It’s hard to imagine that a delicious piece of chocolate and a quality workout could ever be mentioned in the same sentence. However, experienced personal trainers Ryan and Eric Johnson claim that dark chocolate can actually improve your workout.

“Dark chocolate releases dopamine and has a lot of benefits such as vasodilation which is basically that pump that people are after when they’re trying to build muscle”, Eric told in an interview for *Insider*.

Brothers Ryan and Eric are the owners of Homage Fitness gyms and they advise their clients to eat a piece of quality dark chocolate 10 to 15 minutes before the workout.

Ryan says that eating dark chocolate has some psychological benefits as well.

“It creates this positive feedback loop with your brain — now that you’re getting this piece of chocolate before your workout, you’re creating a positive association with your training session and you’re getting more excited to get to the gym… you have something to look forward to”, Ryan said.

Johnson brothers have been in the fitness industry for more than a decade and they often work with Hollywood celebrities. Eric is training with famous actress Scarlett Johansson and he prepared her for movies like Captain America: Winter Soldier, Ghost in The Shell, and Avengers: Endgame.