Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow If You Love Plants

Instagram is a great place for finding inspiration whatever your interests are, you just have to look in the right direction. We’ve collected some of the best pages that showcase gorgeous indoor plant photography and the botanists among you will be thankful.


This is an Instagram page for a famous plant shop, which makes it a paradise of delights for every plant lover. You can find photos of elegant and unusual indoor plants that The Sill is offering.


“In Cacti We Trust”, the owners of this lovely account claim – and they do, indeed. If you’re a fan of cacti, this charming page is the one to follow.


Join this club for a lot of plant inspiration, a bunch of beautiful shots of flowers and a few cute animals.


If you’re so obsessed with plants that you want to see everything related to this topic, here’s an inspiring Instagram page of Sarah K. Benning who is creating hand-stitched embroideries that’ll blow your mind.


Their feed is a collection of the most beautiful indoor plant photography from across Instagram – enough to satisfy any plant lover.