Instagram Couples Who Live In Tiny Homes

If you think your apartment is tiny and you’re constantly dreaming of getting a bigger home, this article will make you think twice.

Minimalist living is becoming increasingly popular and there are many couples out there who turned their vans and buses into charming little homes. We’re able to catch a glimpse of their adventures thanks to social media, so make sure you check out their Instagram pages for inspiration.

Alexandra and Charlie (@AGirlAndHerVan)

Alexandra and Charlie met while they were both on road trips and now, three years later, the couple lives in their 1992 Toyota HiAce. They’re traveling all over the coast of Australia in search of beautiful places and they’re in love with their tiny home, despite the fact that Charlie can’t even stand up in their van.

Meag and Ben (@WildDriveLife)

Meag and Ben live in a 1989 Chevy Bluebird bus with their three dogs and believe us when we say that their beautiful rustic home is the prettiest school bus-turned-home you’ll ever see.

Tyler and Lexi (@OneWildRideBus)

This couple visited 20 U.S. states and traveled through Baja, Mexico over the past two years. All of that happened thanks to their 2001 International Skoolie bus that they turned into a cozy and comfortable home.