Instagram star Kelsey Wells Says We’re Approaching Exercise the Wrong Way

Kelsey Wells is a fitness trainer who inspires more than 2 million followers on her Instagram page. Her fitness journey began only five years ago when she started a healthy eating and exercise plan that would completely transform her life.

Now, she’s a global fitness icon and she’s trying to help other people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The most important thing that Wells is always saying to her clients, is that fitness is not about good looks or changing your body.

“I think the biggest misconception and the most important thing for everyone to understand about fitness, in general, is that fitness is not about aesthetics, fitness is about your health,” the trainer told in an interview for INSIDER.

Going to the gym and working out shouldn’t be considered as a punishment, Wells says.

“You don’t need to get fit for summer or for a holiday or an event, it’s not about that. The fact is we all have a body, we all have health, we have one body so you need to take care of your body and that is what fitness is about.”

Wells’ mission is to help women empower themselves through fitness and realizing that we don’t have to transform our body to be happy is the first step in that journey.