Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Choosing Your Wedding Dress?

Photo by Ivan Cabañas on Unsplash

A bride has to be perfect from head to toe on that one special day when all the eyes are set on her. Among all the other things – from the hair to makeup, nails, tiara, jewelry, and shoes – it all circles to that one of a kind white dress.

Since there are more than a million options out there and the choice is already hard enough, here are some reasons why you should go with a big one in the end.

Big Day = Big Dress

Getting married is a big deal. It’s your big day, and your dress should be as well. This is one in a lifetime opportunity to wear a huge ball gown and you should definitely go for it. It’s elegant, gracious, rich and spectacular. No queen ever wore a tight dress, and this is your day to be the queen.

Easy to Manage

Big dresses may look heavy, but they are cozy, fluttery and easier to breathe in. Even with their long length, it is much easier to manage them because you can grab them with your hands, or someone else could do that for you. They are not narrow, so it’s easy to sit in them, dance and use the bathroom.

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Stunning Pictures

This kind of dress always looks stunning in the photos. No matter which angle is your wedding photographer going to take a shot from, it’s always going to look like those photos you see in the magazines.

100% Bridal

Most importantly, even if someone shows in a white gown, no other dress will be as big as yours. The bride should be shining the brightest on her own wedding day, and a big gown will make that possible.