Join the Plastic Free July Trend This Month!

Photo by Karina Tess on Unsplash

There’s a hashtag going around social media called #plasticfreejuly, and it’s an incentive to get people to stop using plastic as much as the can for the month of July.

This is a great time to try to cut down on plastic since the 4th of July is right around the corner, and any big celebration like that can use up a lot of plastic. Here are some ways you can reduce your plastic in July!

Reusable Cups

Whether you’re using it for iced coffee, cocktails, or wine, bring your own cup to parties and ditch those plastic red cups. Although it might be awkward, you might inspire people to stop using their plastic cups along the way.


If you want to be festive and have a party with colorful tablecloths, ditch the plastic ones from the dollar store and get a real tablecloth. They can be very cheap, especially if you get it at a second-hand store, or you can even use an extra flat sheet you have laying around for one as well!

Pre-Made Food

Whether it’s pre-cut fruit or prepared food from the grocery store, take the time to do everything or as much as you can by hand so you don’t have to collect all the plastic that comes with pre-packaged foods.