Julia Engel Shows Us How to be Pregnant with Style

The summer months and higher temperatures present a unique challenge for pregnant ladies – how to dress to look well and be comfortable when it’s hot outside. Luckily, there are plenty of cute pregnancy clothes out there and all you have to do is pick the ones you love the most.

If you need some inspiration to see just how good you can look when you’re pregnant, check out Julia Engel’s Instagram page and blog Gal Meets Glam. Engels has her own dress collection but also loves wearing many different brands. She’s currently 28 weeks pregnant and she often chooses a midi dress made with lightweight and elastic materials, comfy pants and t-shirts, turning them into adorable outfits with smart use of shoes and accessories.

Engel can be your inspiration for how to dress this summer if you’re also expecting a baby.

Enjoy more photos below!