Kwame Onwuachi is the Chef to Look Out For

If you love Top Chef, you might already know Kwame Onwuachi. If you don’t, you won’t believe this chef’s life story.

From being raised in the Bronx to moving to Nigeria for a few years during his childhood, Kwame has really seen a lot and isn’t even 30 years old yet. He’s had a lot of trials and tribulations, but he’s on the up and up again, and this time, he’s not coming down anytime soon.

Kwame Onwuachi started working with his mother at her catering company, eventually was a cook on a ship for oil spill crews, and then made his mark in the fine dining world.

Though he worked at some of the best restaurants in New York, and arguably the world, he opened a tasting menu restaurant called Shaw Bijou. Unfortunately, it closed after just 3 months, but not even that deterred Kwame from going after his dreams.

A few months after his first restaurant closed, he opened Kith and Kin in Washington, DC, and soon after that, 2 more restaurants. He has also just written a book titled “Notes From a Young Black Chef” which is full of his life stories. Kwame Onwuachi might be young, and he might have gone through a lot, but he’s only become more resilient and willing to fight for what he believes.