Kyiv-Based Food Artists Creates the Best Éclairs You’ll Ever See

Cupcakes, popsicles, and macaroons are some of the sweet treats that Instagram’s top food artists seem to adore, but not many of them work with éclairs. This sweet treat finally got its moment in the spotlight thanks to Kyiv-based company Art Éclair.

Founded by Ukrainian food artist Natali Gerasimchuk, this company takes the classic French pastry to a whole new level. Choux dough and tasty cream are still around, but the delicious and colorful toppings make each of these éclairs a true work of art.

Instead of simply topping her éclairs with traditional chocolate icing, Gerasimchuk is pushing boundaries by constantly trying new things. She describes her éclairs as “a work of art” and “a truly unsurpassed sweet masterpiece,” and we couldn’t agree more.

She managed to attract 110,000 followers to her Instagram page eclair_littleartwork and we’re looking forward to new éclair designs she’s going to come up in the future. From tiny Oreos to colorful fresh fruits, topping options are pretty much endless, and no one’s better at putting them together than Natali Gerasimchuk.