Kylie Cosmetics’ Signature Lip Kits Are Getting a Makeover

Image via kyliecosmetics/Instagram

If we had to pick a single product that put Kylie Cosmetics on the map when it first launched, lip kits would definitely make the cut. Five years after this product took the world by storm, the young beauty mogul is getting ready to introduce its new vegan and smudge-resistant formula.

The re-launch of Kylie Cosmetics’ iconic lip kits has been in the making ever since Coty bought the majority stake in this brand back in 2019. Jenner has given us several pretty impressive makeup collections since, but the revamped version of the iconic lip kits is the one that everyone was waiting for.

According to the brand’s official statement, the newly-launched lip kits will be the “most comfortable matte formula ever”. The new drop is expected to include a total of 32 matte singles, 30 high glosses, and 37 lip kits, featuring a non-sticky finish, and long-lasting and budge-resistant formula. Jenner teased the launch of several other products on her Instagram, including pressed powders, blushes, and eyebrow pencils.

The refreshed and reformulated lip kits have been made with clean and vegan ingredients, taking the brand to the cruelty-free territory. After weeks of teasing their launch, Jenner finally revealed they’ll be hitting the shelves on July 15th.