Legit Reasons to Skip a Day at the Gym

If you’re really committed to your fitness routine, skipping a workout probably sounds like a travesty, but there are times when it’s a reasonable thing to do. If you find yourself going through any of these three scenarios, feel free to stay at home and give your body some time to recover.

Injury Prevention

Healing should be your main priority after getting injured. Hitting the gym right away will put even more strain on your body, and expose it to even more injuries.

Feeling Sick

The gym isn’t one of those places you should be at when you’re feeling under the weather. Even if it’s not serious just yet, putting even more stress on your body won’t do you any good and you’ll be better off taking a rest day.

Sore Muscles

Doing a full body workout can be extremely stressful for your muscles, and make them really sore. That’s why you should avoid pushing yourself too hard, but if it ever happens – feel free to skip a workout because it won’t completely jeopardize your progress by doing so.