Madrid Airport is Kids’ Heaven!

Madrid-Barajas airport is definitely one of the bigger airports in Europe. Though there are many terminals all with their own things to do, there is something in common between all 4: they all have amazing things to do for kids! If you’re traveling with a family and are flying in, out, or have a layover in Madrid, your kids are going to have a blast.

In Terminal 1, there is a gigantic play area for children and infants, and it looks like something out of a small amusement park. There are tons of different things to touch, bridges and tubes to crawl over and into, the kids will have such a ball. Everything is safely padded and it’s never too crowded, so you can really let the kids go wild and tire out before the flight.

Terminal 4 has a lot of international flights and has a few different play areas for the kids to enjoy. There are tons of different games and things to play on, jump, on, and definitely climb on. These play areas are definitely smaller than the on in terminal 1, but the good thing is there is a lot of diversity in the activities so it’s perfect for kids who need to keep busy.  

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