You Should Be Making These DIY Items Out Of Your Jars!

Photo by Rula Sibai on Unsplash

Whether you love pickles, roasted red peppers, or olives, one of the best parts of these products is that they come in a jar! Jars are such a perfect vessel for so many reasons. They are easily recyclable, easily reusable, and can be made really beautiful! If you have an accumulation of jars and you just don’t know how to use them, this is the guide for you.


Jars are a great vehicle for giving presents. You can use the jars to make a hot cocoa mix that your friends only need to add water! To make 2 quarts to divide between friends, mix 

Herb Garden

You can easily make an herb garden out of jars with just a few easy steps! After you clean your jars, add about 1 or 2 inches of either rocks, pebbles, or marbles. Then, fill the jar up with a potting mix but leave 1 inch at the top. Plant your herbs seeds and top with a little more potting mix. Water it, put it in a sunny place, and take care as normal!