Marc Jacobs Unveiled an Affordable Clothing Line

Marc Jacobs is without a doubt one of the most iconic designers with the most recognizable style.

As an innovative and open-minded genius, Jacobs has the best news ever for his fans. He’s been delivering head-turning looks for decades now, and finally decided to grace us with a more affordable edit called The Marc Jacobs.

“We wanted to do something that is unlike the collections we are already doing, in that it is more ‘item-y. These items are things that you could put together in your own way; it’s more about personal styling than having a full runway look,” the designer said in a statement.

Jacobs debuted the new line as a drop for Fall/Winter 2019. All of the designs are as vibrant as you’d expect from him and have that familiar elegant, chic vibe. You will also be able to shop for shoes, hats, accessories, phone cases, key chains and more.

The best news is that The Marc Jacobs first drop is already available both online and in stores. Prices start at around $50. If you have been dying to have one of his gorgeous floral dresses, chic shoes, or statement hats, this looks like the perfect time to splurge on yourself.