Money-Saving Tips Every Museum Lover Should Know About

Photo by gilber franco on Unsplash

Museum visits are an essential part of every trip, but if you’re super-passionate about this activity, they also come with a high price. It’s still possible to visit all the cultural institutions from your list without breaking a bank – as long as you follow these useful tips.

Right Pick

Don’t waste your time on museums that don’t align with your interests, especially if it’s extremely limited. You’re going to spend at least an hour or two in each one, so do proper research and pick a couple that you’re most passionate about.

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Do you want to visit a lot of museums in a couple of days, but have a hard time deciding which ones? Not a problem. That’s exactly what museum passes are made for since they allow you to visit multiple museums with a single card.

Useful Discounts

Some museums offer free or reduced admission on certain days, but even if that’s not the case – it’s still possible to save some money. Discounts for certain groups, including students, are also available and you might end up saving up to 50% with your card.