Most Gorgeous Earring Trends For 2020

Earrings are taking over from the necklace as statement pieces. They are getting bigger and more colorful and can take your fashion game to a whole new level. This trend can be worn both day and night, with a fancy dress or your jeans. 

Tortoise Shell

This new trend comes in different shapes and sizes. they are eye-catching and can add something special to any outfit.


The see-through Lucite earrings are such a good way to add a fun earring to your work suit. They are subtle enough for your office but will still have people noticing you.

Bright Enamel

If you already own lots of silver and gold earrings but want to add something bright then this is a great idea. They come in every color and style you can think of.


Earrings can be worn anywhere at any time and these shells are great for that winter break you are taking. They come in both big and small and can add some style to your bikini.


We have definitely seen the tassel earring around in 2019 but it will be stronger in 2020. There are so many styles out there for you to try, you don’t need to go all out with the large tassels to your shoulder, but you can if you want to!