Music Videos That’ll Inspire You To Travel

We can’t travel without music, but music can also inspire us to plan our next trip. These music videos combined great music with inspiring and surreal shots from around the world.  They’ll inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road.

Paradise by Coldplay

The video for this popular song shows the story oft a man in an elephant suit, who manages to escape from London’s zoo and decides to travel across South Africa. The video was shot in Western Cape and Johannesburg.

I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber

Have you seen the scene from this video when Justin Bieber emerges from a glacier lake? It looks pretty amazing and just like the rest of the video, it’s filmed in Iceland. Even if you’re not a fan of the young singer, this video is worth watching just because of the amazing shots and stunning landscapes.

The Nights by Avicii

This video produced by Rory Kramer is so good, it would inspire any person to seek an adventure. Kramer is also a daredevil and he documented his adventures on roller coasters, surfing, snowboarding and balloon flying for this video.