Natural Mosquito Repellents That Will Save You This Season

Getting bitten by mosquitos is the worst part of summer days. Luckily, you don’t have to buy expensive products to chase them away. There are several natural mosquito repellents that will do the job.

Thyme Oil

This is one of the best repellents that can keep mosquitos away with a high success rate of 85% for one hour. This means that you should keep it in your drawer whenever you want to have the windows open or spend a night in the garden. Make sure to first dilute the thyme oil.


Citronella is one of the natural mosquito repellents which comes in several forms. You can find it in lotions, sprays, candles and more. Citronella is made of several different herbs and can protect you up to two hours. Candles are less effective but still work with a success rate of 50%.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

This is another oil that you should stock on once summer comes. It’s completely natural and is proven to be the most successful repellent. You can make your own or buy it, as long as you have a bottle you should be safe from mosquitos. It’s great for everyone, especially because you avoid harmful chemicals.