Neon Signs Are a Huge Wedding Trend Right Now

The wedding industry is a growing industry that consists of many different parts that make up our big day. Whatever you need for your wedding day, you can find a company that specializes in it – from dresses and cakes to décor, everything is available and trends change from season to season.

After deciding on things that every wedding has, such as a venue and a band, the future bride and groom need to focus on how to make their special day truly unique and authentic.

It’s through décor and details that you can turn it into something truly yours and it’s important to stay on top of trends so you don’t miss something that would be perfect.

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The latest thing we keep seeing at the venues are neon signs. They look great in any space and can hold a message you want – a motivational message, a quote, your names, a date, or anything else. They look amazing in person and on photos, which is just perfect if you’re planning an Instagrammable wedding.

A cheaper option includes buying a pre-made sign, but you can also contact a brand that makes them and request a special one made.